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Lucent sues Acer over patents

A lawsuit claims that Acer infringed eight personal computer patents.

Lucent Technologies (LU) has sued Acer, claiming the Taiwan-based PC maker has infringed Lucent patents.

The suit charges Acer with infringing eight patents related to personal computers. The patents cover semiconductor manufacturing technologies, speech and video coding, and computer display technologies, all developed by Bell Labs, Lucent's research and development arm, according to a statement issued by Lucent.

Acer is one of the largest personal computer vendors in the world and is also a large manufacturer of PC components and motherboards, the main circuit board used in a PC.

Lucent is asking the court to stop Acer from using the technologies associated with the patents and to award damages to Lucent for past use, according to a Lucent spokesperson.

"Acer is using technology patented by Lucent. We've made repeated attempts to reach a licensing agreement with Acer," the spokesperson added.

Lucent filed the patent infringement lawsuit against Acer Incorporated of Taiwan, Acer America Corporation and Acer Laboratories Incorporated, both of San Jose, California, and Acer Peripherals Labs Incorporated of Santa Clara, according to the statement.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Delaware, affects Acer's desktop and laptop computer products.

Lucent Technologies designs and builds public and private networks, communications systems and software, consumer and business telephone systems, and microelectronics components.