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LoveFilm to premiere Catfish, 'the other Facebook movie'

Catfish -- 'the other Facebook movie' -- is to premier online at the same time as it hits cinemas thanks to LoveFilm. But is it real?

Catfish -- aka 'the other Facebook movie' -- is to premier online at the same time as it hits cinemas, giving you the first chance to find out if the much talked-about documentary is really real. Streaming service LoveFilm will show Catfish on Tuesday 14 December at 6.30pm, at the same time as a first screening in 40 cinemas around the country.

Catfish is a documentary following a New York photographer who strikes up a relationship with a Michigan painter. The film is described as a 'reality thriller', and comes with the shrewd tagline 'Don't let anyone tell you what it is'.

There's been some debate about how 'real' it is, but the savvy Blair Witch Project-style marketing seems to be paying off. If you're a LoveFilm member, you can find out what the mystery is all about from the comfort of your own home -- and then go on Facebook and tell all your friends.

Catfish has attracted plenty of word-of-mouth attention in recent months, mostly by dint of being 'the other Facebook movie'. The original Facebook movie, David Fincher's The Social Network, topped box-office charts around the world this year, and has even started whisperings of Oscars.

In 2009, eco-documentary Home had a simultaneous premiere in cinemas, on TV and on YouTube. It'll be interesting to see if the online profile of Catfish translates into boffo box office -- with its zeitgeist-surfing subject matter and online exposure the film could be a surprise hit.

Catfish goes on general release on Friday 17 December. The Internet has got Hollywood's attention with films ranging from The Social Network to Middle Men, a Hollywoodised verison of the early days of e-commerce. Another documentary worth seeing is We Live in Public, the story of Josh Harris -- "the greatest Internet pioneer you've never heard of".