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Love is in the Webware

Here are some Web services for your valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day from Webware. We don't have chocolate, flowers, or cheesy cards for you, but we do have a roundup of Valentine's Day-related Web services and specials for you to get in touch with that special someone.

>> YouTube is offering video valentines. You've got six kitschy and humorous videos to choose from, featuring a slightly overweight cupid who causes more harm than good. For quick and easy personalized Webcam videos to your sweetheart, try out Viddler or Gabmail.

>> If your honey is stuck in the office all day, cheer him or her up with a text message. Joopz is offering virtual candy hearts by text and Web. The company also is letting texters use unlimited Web-to-text service for free all day (it's normally three bucks a month).

>> Send them a virtual gift on Facebook. With icons designed by Susan Kare, there are a number of love-centric options to choose from. Your first gift is free, and gifts are $1 each after that. For the month of February, Facebook is donating all proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

>> Flirt with a someone you don't know. Jumbuck's "Fast Flirting" service (not to be confused with speed dating) hooks you up with a stranger via text messaging for 10 minutes at a time. Hopefully it doesn't take you that long to figure out how to use your phone's keypad. Luckily there are preset message templates to get the conversation going. There's also a social networking component with groups, profiles, and user avatars.

>> Wishood gives you an online greeting card with a twist--you get to add a wish to it and the sender can "grant" it. Did you get them post-it notes instead of that magenta iPod Shuffle they wanted? They'll probably let you know. For other greeting card services, check out BlueMountain and eGreetings.

>> Buy your Web site a present. Pingdom is offering users a free year of uptime monitoring service, which makes sure your site is alive and well and lets you know if there are any problems. The service normally costs $120 a year.

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