Love Clubhouse? Twitter is aiming to make its alternative globally available by April

The feature, called Spaces, will let all its users create their own rooms and share audio clips on Twitter.

Sareena Dayaram
Sareena Dayaram
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Sareena Dayaram

Spaces is Twitter's answer to the audio chatroom app Clubhouse.

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If you're still hunting for a Clubhouse invite, you might have better luck jumping on the live audio bandwagon through Twitter. No invitation required.

The social network is aiming to make its audio alternative, Spaces, available to all its users globally by next month, the company confirmed to CNET on Friday, following a report first published by The Verge. The in-app feature lets users create their own rooms, also known as a Space for others to join, as well as share audio clips via tweets and direct messages.

 It's "a small experiment focused on the intimacy of the human voice," Twitter said when it launched Spaces in December. 

Spaces is currently available to anyone on iOS and Android for joining and listening in a room. But the ability to create a room is available only to select iOS users, according to Twitter. The Android beta test for Twitter Spaces started earlier this month.

"Introducing Spaces," the iOS update says, sharing that "Now you can tweet and talk."

Twitter's Spaces is a less-exclusive competitor to Clubhouse, an invite-only audio app that shot to fame this year after tech tycoons Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg made appearances on the fast-growing platform that's reportedly commanding a billion dollar valuation.