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Long road to high court

Get the whole CDA story through CNET's NEWS.COM coverage.

CNET's NEWS.COM has covered the circuitous path of the Communications Decency Act since its creation last year.

February 1, 1996
• Senate, House pass telecom bill with CDA
February 8, 1996
• Clinton signs telecom bill/ACLU files suit in Philadelphia
• The American Reporter files suit in Manhattan
February 9, 1996
• Justice Department grants temporary restraining order against CDA
February 26, 1996
• Cititzens Internet Empowerment Coalition files suit to represent industry concerns
March 6, 1996
• Senators draft bill to repeal abortion provision of CDA
March 14, 1996
• Rep. Anna Eshoo introduces amendment to modify CDA language
March 22, 1996
• Arguments open for ACLU vs. Reno
April 15, 1996
• Last testimony heard for ACLU vs. Reno
May 10, 1996
• Oral arguments conclude for ACLU vs. Reno
June 3, 1996
• Manhattan court hears final arguments for American Reporter vs. Reno
June 12, 1996
• Philadelphia court rejects CDA
July 1, 1996
• Justice Department files appeal of Philadelphia decision
July 29, 1996
• Manhattan court rules against CDA
August 15, 1996
• Justice Department files appeal of American Reporter decision
December 6, 1996
• Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of Philadelphia decision
February 14, 1997
• Rep. Zoe Lofgren introduces bill to repeal CDA
March 19, 1997
• CDA argued in high court
March 26, 1997
• Judge throws out challenge to abortion provision in CDA
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