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'Hundreds' of live concerts to stream in virtual reality

Live Nation partners with NextVR to broadcast major music events in virtual reality.

NextVR's production truck will be on hand at live events.

Virtual reality company NextVR is teaming up with entertainment producer Live Nation, owner of Ticketmaster, to bring "hundreds" of live musical performances to people around the world.

Viewers will be able to take in gigs from the front row, onstage and even backstage, with the bonus of "optimized" 3D audio. No schedule has been announced yet, but NextVR plans to live-stream its first concert this summer.

"All LiveNation events are possible candidates and there will be some very big names included," a NextVR spokeswoman said Wednesday. "We're planning the slate now."

NextVR has already immersed people in Nascar races, sporting events and political debates through its VR app. So as live events ago, major concerts seem an obvious next step. The app is already available for Samsung's Gear VR headset but is set to come to other devices soon, the company said.