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LinkedIn wants to tell people how to pronounce your name

Here's how you can add a 10-second audio clip to your profile.

LinkedIn lets you record a 10-second audio clip on its mobile Android and iOS apps. 
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LinkedIn wants to help people learn how to pronounce your name. The professional social network said on Monday that it's adding a new feature that will let users record a 10-second audio clip instructing others on how to pronounce their name. 

"Ever seen someone's name in writing and find yourself not totally sure how to pronounce it correctly," wrote Joseph Akoni, product manager at LinkedIn in a blog post. "Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy -- it's an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace." 

To add a recording to your own profile, tap your profile picture then the edit icon. You should then see an option to "record name pronunciation." If you already recorded your name, you can edit, delete or replace it using the edit icon. Your recording will then appear next to your name on your profile page. 

The recordings can only be added using LinkedIn's mobile Android and iOS apps, but anyone can listen to a name pronunciation on both mobile and desktop. LinkedIn said it will be rolling out the feature globally over the next month.