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London calling: LinkedIn pinpoints top cities for Americans working abroad

Sydney and Toronto also listed as key destinations, survey says. Teaching is top occupation for Americans working overseas.

The sights of London.
Rob Stothard/AFP/Getty Images

Are you pining to live in Chelsea and stroll past Big Ben every day? You're not alone: London tops the list of cities for Americans working overseas, according to a LinkedIn survey.

The UK's most populous city also is the most popular city for American expats, followed by Sydney and Toronto. Paris and Shanghai round out the top five. The survey, released Friday, comes from the data of 25,000 LinkedIn members who have a four-year college degree and who had their first job in the US, but also spent an extended period working overseas. That does not include studying abroad or having an internship.

Teaching and translating jobs are among the most popular for Americans working abroad, the survey said. Jobs in sales management, marketing, researching and corporate sectors also rank high.

The most likely home bases for those expats, LinkedIn said, include the metropolises of Washington, D.C., New York and Austin, Texas, and college towns such as Bloomington, Indiana, and Lawrence, Kansas.