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Let's talk: Linux on board with AOL messaging

America Online's IM program just isn't for smiley faces--a new Linux version is out, as well as software that makes AIM a little like Napster.


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America Online's Instant Messenger program isn't just for smiley faces and idle work-time chats. New software has transformed the popular application into a file-swapping service, like Napster. Separately, AOL has introduced a new version of AIM for Linux fans.


AOL opens AIM doors to Linux faithful
The new version gives Linux fans a sanctioned way to join their Windows and MacOS colleagues on the popular AIM chat service.

AOL Instant Messenger gets Napsterized
A new Napster-like program springs up online for AIM, limiting swaps of music and other files to close, trusted groups of people.

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Messaging rivals call AOL on privacy, security issues
update A group of America Online's IM rivals accuse the Internet giant of using inflated security and privacy concerns to stall progress on technology standards.