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Let computers figure out what you like with inSuggest

Get machine-organized recommendations for content based on your tastes using inSuggest's algorithm.

inSuggest is a new recommendation service for finding interesting items on the Web. There are two variations--one for blogs and Web sites, and another for photographs. Both take four items picked by users to whittle down the types of sites or photographs you'd be interested in.

Between the two, the Web flavor is a little more structured, requiring users to enter in the URLs of some of their favorite sites. The results can then be previewed right below the search box and be browsed eight recommendations at a time. The photo engine is a little more organic, simply requiring users to drag photos that they're interested in into one of four slots up at the top. Each photo that's dragged pulls in several other similar shots, all of which come from Flickr.

The service was created by two Swedes with experience in the gaming industry. I'm expecting to see other varients of the engine used for audio and video clips similar to what's been done with StumbleVideo and Pandora.

Like pictures of beaches? Drag them one by one up into inSuggest's drop spaces up above. It will automatically filter together other similar shots. CNET Networks