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Laugh.ly streams stand-up comedy routines on demand

A new streaming service lets comedy fans listen to the world's largest library of stand-up comedy for free.

Laugh.ly lets comedy fans listen to the world's largest library of stand-up comedy for free.

Stand-up comedy fans can now get laughs on-demand through a new streaming app called Laugh.ly. Pitched as the "Pandora for stand-up," Laugh.ly launched this week for iOS and Android.

It offers users a way to watch their favorite comedians outside of the club with an expansive streaming library of comedy from over 400 of today's biggest comics including Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari and more.

"There's a real hunger to access quality stand-up comedy anywhere and everywhere you are, so we knew the app would be in high demand," said founder and CEO Dave Scott. "After such positive feedback in beta, we can't wait to see comedy lovers everywhere start to use the product."

The app works in a similar fashion to music discovery sites and builds stations of stand-up routines based on particular references and subjects. Some channels are topical while others are built around specific themes to match a listener's preferences.

The streamers partnered with media publishers like Comedy Central, Comedy Dynamics, Laughing Hyena and more to license portfolios from comedians from around the world.

The app also features self-publishing tools for amateur stand-ups to broadcast their own bits.

Laugh.ly is available now to download in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store in two pricing tiers -- a free ad-supported option and a premium service called "Front Row Seating" for $3.99 (about £4 or AU$6) a month.