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Latest Chrome release gets full-screen browsing

The latest developer build of Chrome has a new full-screen mode that lets you view sites at their full capacity.

On the horizon for the next release of Google's Chrome browser is something I've long lusted after: the option to browse the Web in full screen. On Wednesday, an early version of this feature came to the latest developer build of Chrome (v. Those running it can simply hit F11 on their keyboard to send the browser into full screen, which eschews any UI besides the side page scroller, and your Windows taskbar.

The full-screen mode is missing a few core features found in Firefox and IE7. For instance, there is no drop down top navigation. This means to enter a new URL or open up your favorites, you'll need to hit F11 to return to normal browsing. You also can't see what tabs you have open, but you can still switch between them using the Ctrl+Tab shortcut.

Compared to IE7 and Firefox 3, Chrome has the least reason to offer such a feature considering how little of your screen real estate its UI takes up. However, for users on ultraportable notebooks, that extra few pixels can make the browsing experience a far more enjoyable experience. It can also be incredibly helpful if you're using an online photo editor, as you get more room to work.