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Late night food runs 2.0: GopherNow

Find food late with GopherNow.

GopherNow is a simple mashup--mix maps with store hours to help people find eating establishments that are open or delivering late. The service is aimed mainly at teenagers and college students, but for many, the long days of summer can bring unexpected late eating.

Users can search by keyword and location, and a Google map will show up with various restaurants, listing their hours, delivery availability, and for a select few--complete menus. If a restaurant is missing, users can add it in, along with their personal review.

Yelp actually added a similar feature early last month that lets you filter restaurant search results by delivery, take out, and whether it's good for groups or children. Unlike GopherNow, though, it won't let you sort by time in case you're looking for a chalupa at 4 a.m.

Find places to eat late at night with this search tool for food. CNET Networks