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Last.fm ends subscription radio streaming

​Last.fm is ending subscription radio streaming on 28 April to focus on applying recommendation and tracking features to music from other sources like YouTube and Spotify.

Last.fm, the home of scrobbling your music. Last.fm
Last.fm is pulling the plug on its subscription radio streaming service. Starting 28 April, the popular music service will focus on applying its recommendation and tracking features to music from other sources, such as YouTube and Spotify.

The news was announced today online, in a forum post, and in an email to subscribers.

You can still use Last.fm features such as your personal stations in selected third-party apps and services, where the actual music is piped in from other sources rather than Last.fm's own servers. For example, you can listen online via the new Last.fm player, currently in beta, which pulls tuneage from YouTube. Or you can apply Last.fm features like playlist creation to Spotify music with the new Last.fm app for the popular streaming service.

And with the Last.fm Scrobbler app you can create playlists from the songs saved on your iPhone. Sadly, it's iOS only, so no more Last.fm on your Android phone.

To rectify that, Last.fm says it's "exploring ways to work with third-party partners allowing for a mobile listening experience."

Having ended streaming from its own services, Last.fm says it will now focus on improving the tracking of your listening habits -- known as scrobbling -- and recommending new music.

Disclosure: Last.fm is owned by CNET's parent company CBS Interactive.