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Feed the hungry by deleting a photo from your Instagram? No, really

You've already enjoyed those burgers and fries, so why not send a picture of them to the recycle bin for a good cause?

Feeling a little guilty about those sumptuous gourmet meals (or even juicy burgers) you've been posting to Instagram? You can do a good deed by deleting one or more of them, thanks to a new charity campaign from US-based food company Land o' Lakes.

Goodbye, In-N-Out Burger photo. You were deleted for a good cause.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

All you have to do is register at Next, the site will ask you to delete a photo. You can delete more than one photo, and for each picture zapped, the company will donate 11 meals to the network of food banks.

The site seems to operate on the honor system, so delete a photo of your garden rather than a beloved meal shot if you prefer. But the food-photo idea is solid -- you're removing a meal from a photo album, but many people have no choice in skipping meals on a daily basis. (Also, the site offers you a chance to share the photo you've deleted, so you're going to look silly if it's some rhododendrons.)

The campaign is set to run until mid-October or when Land o' Lakes reaches its goal of 2.75 million meals donated.

It's a good reminder that I probably don't need to make my hometown friends jealous with an Instragram every time I travel to a state with an In-N-Out Burger. Not that this will stop me in the future.