Jotlet calendar to sync with Outlook

The online, open-platform calendar service includes

Elsa Wenzel

Among the announcements at the Office 2.0 conference this week, Jotlet's online calendars will provide two-way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook later this month. At first glance, the calendars appear elegant and easy to use, with visual niceties such as color coding. Personal accounts are free, while corporate accounts allow a company to use branded Jotlet calendars within their Web sites. While heavily customized calendars such as those displayed during the conference demo might cost in the ballpark of between $100 to $200 per month, Jotlet's prices vary widely with the features and support offered. Jotlet allows user permission controls with customized events and tasks, as well as ICS and VCS compatibility. Mobile support will come later.

Jotlet is available as a standalone service, and it just joined the ShareMethods suite (more here and here), which uses the OpenSAM platform. The people behind OpenSAM hope that in addition to its current members, more large companies will adopt the open standard, making it easier for users to move freely among various services without losing their data behind a locked door. Note: This post has been updated since its initial publication to clarify pricing as well as timing for Outlook synchronization.