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Jiglu takes the grunt work out of tagging

Are you a blogger who is a little sick of tagging everything? Let some machines take care of it using Jiglu.

Jiglu is a new tagging service launching in open beta today. Its goal is to take the work of tagging posts out of the hands of bloggers by automating the process entirely. All you need to do as a blog owner is install the plug-in, which supports itself by showing small, unobtrusive AdSense ads inside the lightbox where you search and browse blog tags.

The service works by spidering your pages and pulling out keywords where it sees fit, and listing them in a number of ways. My personal favorite is the TagMap, which takes your tags and organizes them by shape and color (as seen at the bottom of this post). The larger tags are the ones that get used more often, while the smaller have less frequency.

Prior to launching on the consumer front the service had enterprise roots, and was formerly known as MailSpaces. It since moved on to targeting bloggers with the tagging solution, and have an enterprise-centric white label version in the works that will let companies auto-tag and sort through their content without ads.

If you're a blogger, Jiglu works with many popular platforms including Typepad and Movable Type, Wordpress, Blogger, and any other page where you can insert a line of javascript. The service supports up to 10 different blogs for free, so if you're the owner of two or three blogs on different platforms, you could administrate your widgets and tags in one place.

While I think there's still a great deal of merit for site search, something Google still handles very well, searching and sorting content by tags in the same space a more exploratory experience, and something that's bound to get users to find new content they might not otherwise have stumbled upon themselves. It's also a whole lot easier than categorizing or tagging each of your posts by hand.

To see some tutorials of the service in action from its MailSpaces days you can check out the videos here and here.

The TagMap is one of the cooler ways to browse tagged content on a blog with Jiglu installed. You can browse how popular a tag is based on size and color. CNET Networks