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Jeremy Clarkson says he's getting paid for 'Top Gear' even though he's not in it

Clarkson and chums James May and Richard Hammond are preparing a rival show for Amazon, but they're running out of time to think of a name.

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Motormouth Jeremy Clarkson says he's still getting paid for the new series of "Top Gear" despite leaving the show.

Speaking in London, the opinionated TV presenter noted that an obscure clause in his contract with "Top Gear" broadcaster the BBC sees him receive some money each time the show is recommissioned.

Clarkson and his chums James May and Richard Hammond left the globally popular show after Clarkson assaulted a producer in a spat over a sandwich. The trio was quickly snapped up by Amazon in a "very, very expensive" deal to create a new motoring show, for which Clarkson said they had to find a name in the next week.

"At the time it was all tragic," the Sun reports Clarkson saying of their departure, "but now we've been forced to reinvent ourselves and we're online, where you can do anything...Now we're looking at losing 'Top Gear' as a fantastic thing to happen."

"Top Gear" itself returns to TV this month with a new line-up of presenters including Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and former CNET car tech expert Rory Reid. Reid will also host a weekly online spin-off, "Extra Gear", which will go behind the scenes of the main show.