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JamBells is a fun game sure to put you in the holiday spirit

This holiday season when you're entertaining guests, get everyone into the holiday spirit with some handbells on your smartphone. Wait, what?

Jason Cipriani/CNET

For anyone that's ever attended a midnight mass (or similar) during the holiday season, you've undoubtedly seen members of the choir play handbells. Coming in various shapes and sizes to achieve just the right pitch, handbells are rung with a quick, downward motion. Listening to them can be a beautiful experience.

With a free Web app, called JamBells, you can attempt to duplicate the soothing harmonies it takes years to master using nothing more than your smartphone. That's right, you can tell Mom you're skipping mass this year to play holiday jams on your phone -- heck, invite her to join you!

The app works in a similar fashion to that of Google's Chrome Racer. Except, it doesn't look like JamBells has the same Chrome requirement, and I've been using it in Safari on an iPhone just fine. And yes, you'll need to make a quick motion with your phone in order to ring the bell.

Ready to rock out some handbells? Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

To play, direct your fellow band members to open their mobile browser of choice and point it to After bickering about who the leader is, pick someone to Start a Choir and then have everyone else select Join A Choir. Those who are joining will need to get the short code from the leader and enter it when prompted.

Right now, there's a total of a four songs to pick from. Each song ranges in difficulty, spanning from beginner to "crazy hard". And yes, T. Swift fans, "Shake it Off" is on the list.

After a song is selected and everyone has joined the choir and indicated that he or she is ready, the song will start. You'll know when it's your turn to chime in by looking at your screen and matching the timing of the larger, gold dot entering the circle in the middle of your screen. It feels very similar to guitar hero, just, you know, with more holiday cheer.