Jack Draws Anything website draws more than £20,000 for charity

Six-year-old Jack Henderson draws anything requested by users of his Jack Draws Anything website, in the process raising £20,000 for a charity that looks after his ill brother.

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A six-year-old with a simple idea and a fistful of felt-tips has raised more than £20,000 for charity. Wee man Jack Henderson draws anything requested by users of his Jack Draws Anything website, and, in the process, has raised thousands for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, which looks after his brother.

Jack, of Prestonpans in East Lothian, came up with the idea to take requests for drawings through a website. The idea proved so popular that Jack had more than 600 requests after just two weeks, and he's now working his way through them in between school, Beavers and generally being six years old.

Pictures range from a big red flower to Mario and Luigi having a snowball fight to a dinosaur diving into a pool of jelly.

Donations continue to pour in, and have now topped £20,000. With Gift Aid included, the donations add up to almost £24,000. That's a pretty penny over Jack's original target of just £100.

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation raises money, buys equipment and provides kid-friendly facilities for Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Jack's younger brother, Noah, has been into hospital 11 times in the past two years due to breathing problems, inspiring Jack to break out the pencils and do his bit.

You can donate at Jack Draws Anything or justgiving.com/jackdrawsanything. Jack's first book, featuring his drawings alongside words of encouragement from the recipients, will be published on 6 October and can be ordered through Jack's website. The profits will go to charity.

Good work, Jack, and keep scribbling.