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iTunes Extras arrives for Apple TV, iOS 8 later this year

Apple brings iTunes Extras to Apple TV and updates it for the desktop flavour of iTunes. iOS 8 support is coming later this year.

Screenshot by Lexy Savvides/CNET

Digital downloads have often missed out on the extra content that comes with a DVD or Blu-ray.

With the introduction of iTunes Extras in 2009, Apple offered these extra features you would normally find accompanying the physical release of a film alongside the digital download.

Typically, Extras content includes directors commentary, behind-the-scenes featurettes, photo galleries and storyboards. Previously, iTunes Extras was only available on the PC and Mac versions of iTunes rather than across other Apple products, but an update changes all that. zzzzzzzz

If you have previously purchased a movie in HD from the iTunes Store that has Extras content available, you will now be able to access it at no extra charge.

iTunes Extras is also finally available on the latest version of Apple TV with a software update, as well as through iTunes on the desktop with an update to version 11.3.

On Apple TV, within the Top Movies section a tile will list all the movies that have Extras content. Note that you will need to make sure you buy the HD version of the movie, and have HD turned on in order to see what's available.

To do this, head to Settings, then iTunes Store and find the Video Resolution option.

Owners of an iOS device will have to wait until later this year with the release of iOS 8 in fall, or spring in the southern hemisphere.