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iTunes is coming to the Windows 10 Store

Hell froze over, again.

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Apple's iTunes is coming to the Windows Store.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, made the announcement on stage at the company's Build developer conference Thursday.

Windows users have long been able to download iTunes directly from Apple. But users of Windows 10 S, the new "streamlined" version of the operating system that Microsoft announced last week, can only install apps from the Windows Store.

In other words, the inclusion of iTunes in the store will remove a potential deal killer from users debating whether to take the 10 S plunge. Though old and increasingly creaky, the desktop version of Apple's iTunes remains a popular method for Windows users to organize their music and backup their mobile Apple devices.

Bringing Apple into the Windows Store also helps Microsoft upsell its walled garden app repository to more developers. Myerson also highlighted the Autodesk Stingray and SAP Digital Boardroom apps coming to the store, in addition to Spotify, which was announced last week.

However, Google Chrome and other third-party web browsers cannot be ported to the Windows Store as is, according to Microsoft's terms of service.

Myerson did not give a timeline for the availability of iTunes in the Window Store, but it will be by the end of 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal's Jay Greene.