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ITAA's Suggestions for Cyberporn Problem

The Information Technology Association of America's task force on Net use released a report today that recommends fighting inappropriate content on the Net and online services with new products rather than new legislation.

The task force's tendency to favor a market-based approach is understandable since the ITAA's 6,700 member companies who make and market computer products are likely to benefit from such a policy.

The report has garnered some support on Capitol Hill. Republican congressmen Rick White of Washington and Vernon J. Ehlers of Michigan have both issued statements in support of ITAA's findings.

The ITAA report recommends including the phrase "harmful to minors" in place of "indecency" as part of the Telecommunications Reform Act, and says that state laws on Net and online service content should be consistent with federal laws to prevent the "Balkanization" of the Net.