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iStockPack: A recession-proof DIY community

Want to put together a cool garage sale or create some DIY gift boxing for the holidays? Check out IStockPack, a new craft community.

If you're contemplating liquidating some of your assets, eBay, Craigslist and others are probably looking pretty attractive right now. Don't forget about the garage sale though!

A good way to dress one up, or turn those old pizza boxes into holiday gift baskets is to head over to iStockPack. It's an Instructables-like community that's filled with various projects to put together anything from a cigar box to a cardboard cookie jar using nothing more than materials you may have laying around the house.

Users can submit their own designs with instructions, which go into one of 19 categories. Each item tells you what materials you'll need, and how difficult it is. Users can also chime in by reviewing each creation and adding their own tips.

The number of designs on the site right now is pretty light, but assuming more are added, budding entrepreneurs will soon have a place to find fast, simple packaging on the cheap.

[via Delicious]

Build anything with community designs that can be printed out and put together with household materials. CNET Networks