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Is Amazon working on its own YouTube service?

Amazon Tube has a nice ring to it.

Amazon filed a patent application for a video streaming service that sounds a lot like YouTube.
Ben Fox Rubin/CNET

The battle between Amazon and Google escalated earlier this month, when YouTube announced that it would cut access to its service on Amazon Fire TV devices starting Jan. 1.

That announcement was made on Dec. 5, which is important because that same day Amazon filed a patent application for an internet service that would allow the transmission of videos, photos and audio files. The application, first spotted by TV Answer Man, makes no mention of YouTube, but the description sounds very similar to Google's widely used video service.

The application also mentions the name Amazon Tube. Whether the patent will be approved or the service will become a reality is unknown. Amazon's patent application is just another salvo in the ongoing fight between two of the internet's biggest companies.

Both Amazon and Google didn't immediately respond for a request for comment.

You can read the application below.