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iPhone users can find movies and TV shows via Verizon's Viewdini

The carrier's mobile app is now available for iPhone and iPad owners, who can use it to track down video content across the Web.

Verizon's Viewdini can conjure up your favorite TV shows and movies.
Verizon's Viewdini can conjure up your favorite TV shows and movies.
Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Looking for your favorite movie or TV show online but not sure where to find it? Verizon's Viewdini can pull that rabbit out of the hat.

Previously available as a mobile app for Android only, Viewdini recently made its debut on Apple's iOS platform. Through the free app, you can search for any movie or TV show. In return, Viewdini points you to Web sites where you can watch, rent, or buy it.

Viewdini covers the usual suspects such as Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu Plus. But it also searches ABC, Crackle, Funny or Die, Vimeo, and Verizon's own FiOS on-demand video service, and the carrier promises more sites to come. Tapping on the link to one of the sites takes you directly to the source.

For example, I have a Netflix subscription. Tapping on the Netflix link fired up the Netflix app and immediately starting playing the video I chose. Tapping on the iTunes link took me to the iTunes store where I could buy the video. And the Hulu Plus link launched the Hulu Plus app.

Viewdini takes a page from IMDB by offering information on your chosen TV shows and movies.

TV show pages display a summary of the series and of each episode and sometimes clips of the show. Movie pages provide a summary and other details as well as a trailer. You can also check out the cast and crew. Tapping on a photo of a cast or crew member brings up that person's bio and links to other movies and TV shows.

Finally, you can often see the Metascores from Metacritic and read reviews of the movie or series. The overall blend of information and searching makes Viewdini a handy app for any online movie or TV watcher.

The Android version is only accessible for 4G devices, but the iOS edition will work on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the last few years.