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iPhone apps to make Mardi Gras magic

In preparation for the Mardi Gras celebrations we've put together a list of iPhone apps to make your Mardi Gras magic.

Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is one of Australia's most important cultural events, a spectacle unmatched in its colour and energy by anything else in the country throughout the year.

In preparation for this Mardi Gras celebrations we've put together a list of iPhone apps to make your Mardi Gras magic. We've got a few popular fitness apps to get you in shape, a fashion app to plan an outfit, an internet music station to set the mood and a ubiquitous glow-stick app to show your colours during the parade.


New to town? Grindr is a location-aware social networking app that can find people in your area to chat with or maybe even meet up to celebrate with.

Men's Health Workout

Men's Health Ultimate Fat-Burning Workout
Feeling flabby in the lead-up to this year's parade? Try the workout routine used by the actors in the movie 300 to get your body ripped for the party weekend.


iFitness contains a mind-blowing number of workouts to choose from, and even gives you the ability to select a specific muscle to view workouts to target that area of your body.

Out Radio

OUT Radio
Need some music to pump you up while you glam up for the big night? OUT Radio links you to live streams from some of the best gay and lesbian radio services on the web, thumping out hot tracks 24 hours a day.


Feel like it might take you a few days and several revisions before your Mardi Gras outfit is perfect? Closet is an app you can use to photograph your wardrobe and match items to make sure your best outfit is out of the closet on the big night.

Glow stick

Glow stick
Alongside tight briefs and a sprinkle of glitter, no Mardi Gras outfit is complete without a glow stick or two firmly in hand. This app will replace the standard stick and will keep your phone in hand in case your friends are calling.

Gay Signs

Gay Symbols and Slogans
Are you new to the fabulous phenomenon of Sydney's Mardi Gras? An app like this will catch you up on some essential iconography and terminology to make sure you follow the parade with confidence.

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