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iOS 7 looms as Apple confirms 10 June WWDC conference

We'll likely see a new version of iOS, as well as something fresh for OS X.

Apple's annual software bash is taking place in mid June, the fruit-flavoured company has confirmed -- signalling that we're less than two months away from getting a glimpse at iOS 7.

Apple traditionally uses its WWDC conference, which is aimed at developers, to showcase new software. Last year we got a first look at iOS 6, and at 2011's show we saw iOS 5 unveiled.

The event page also promises an 'in-depth look' at what's next for OS X, the desktop software that powers the firm's Mac computers.

Apple needs to show off some impressive apps, having just revealed its first profit drop in years. It still managed to scrape together $9.5bn in the first three months of this year though, selling a massive 37.4 million iPhones in that same stretch of time.

Even more pressure is piled onto Tim Cook and company for this year's WWDC, because last year's update to iOS 6 was marred by a truly disastrous Maps app.

The cartographical car crash was so naff that Tim Cook even issued a public apology. All eyes will be on Apple to see whether it can bring some inventive new software to the table, and improve its Siri voice assistant.

The conference will follow Google's I/O shindig in mid-May, where the search giant is expected to take Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie out of the oven.

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