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iOS 16.3.1 Could Break Google Photos App, But There's a Fix

Some iPhone users reported their Google Photos app crashed after they downloaded the latest iOS update.

iOS 16 logo on a yellow background
The latest iOS update may cause some issues for Google Photos users.
Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Apple released iOS 16.3.1 on Monday to fix some iPhone issues, but the update seemed to cause problems for people who use Google Photos. Some users on Twitter reported their Google Photos app would crash when they tried to open it after downloading the iOS update. 

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Google then released an update to the Google Photos app Tuesday morning to address some issues. Google writes in the App Store that the latest update fixes "user-reported issues" and adds new features. After updating Google Photos, users should be able to open the app without issue. 

Here's how to update Google Photos on your iPhone.

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap Search in the bottom right corner.

3. Type Google Photos in the search bar.

4. Tap Google Photos. Do not Open.

5. Tap Update, and the update will download and install on your iPhone.

It's unclear why some Google Photos users were affected and not others. 

The iOS 16.3.1 update fixed other issues some iPhone users might have experienced, including not being able to back up to iCloud. The update also patched a bug that Apple said might be actively exploited. 

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