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Iomega sues SyQuest over patent

Iomega charges that SyQuest has infringed on patents for both its Jaz and Zip products.

Iomega (IOM) has charged competitor SyQuest Technology (SYQT) with patent infringement for both its Jaz and Zip products.

Iomega's complaint, which it filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, also alleges that SyQuest caused unfair competition through the infringement of Iomega's JET trademarks.

Syquest could not be reached for comment.

According to Iomega's complaint, SyQuest is selling products, without authorization, that embody patented inventions that are the property of Iomega.

Iomega is seeking injunctions to prevent SyQuest's continuing infringement of Iomega's patents and trademarks, as well as monetary damages.

"This is a simple case of protecting Iomega's intellectual property," said Kim Edwards, Iomega's president and chief executive officer, in a prepared statement. "Jaz and Zip products are fast emerging as the industry standard for removable personal storage solutions and we intend to enforce our rights with respect to Iomega's patented technology."

The suit also seeks to prevent SyQuest from using Iomega's JET trademarks. The JET trademarks are used to identify various Iomega data storage devices. SyQuest offers SyJet products, and Iomega believes it has caused consumer confusion.