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Internet Pavilion Still Crowded at Comdex

LAS VEGAS--While the mass amount of Comdex attendess headed for the McCarran Airport either late yesterday or earlier today, the show floor is still crowded at the Internet Pavilion.

At the CompuServe booth, presenters ballyhooed the spring release of Project Wow. The "demo," however, consisted of only a short video featuring smiling, happy consumers bubbling with enthusiasm at the prospect of the new service.

Both CompuServe and America Online booth presenters are touting their respective services as the biggest and best--both are claiming about 4 million subscribers each.

At quieter sections along the show floor, there is still keen interest in shareware and Net add-on booths.

There is also more Web media to come. Websight is publicizing the advent of its interactive online companion to Websight Magazine, slated to go live on November 23. Based in the Los Angeles area, Websight will focus exclusively on the Web and will not cover online services or technical issues.