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Internet celebrates UK General Election day with hashtags, memes, unicorn videos

Facebook and Twitter have added special options for voters to celebrate exercising their franchise.

The London Eye has been illuminated with a pie chart showing the results of opinion polls in the run-up to the election. London Eye

It's general election day in the UK, and how better to celebrate democracy in action than by telling everyone you've exercised your civic duty on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Facebook has today added a button reading "I'm a voter" at the top of UK users' news feeds. When clicked, the networking site shares that the user has voted via a box on their timeline. You don't have to say who you've voted for, but you can add a note to the post.

As of 9:15am, two hours after polls opened, Facebook reported that 206,000 people had shared that they had voted. The largest demographic was women between the ages of 25-34. At the time of writing, 1.16 million people had shared on Facebook that they would be voting today.

If you're less keen on telling the world about your worthiness, the "I'm a voter" box also contains a "More information" link to About My Vote, the website of the Electoral Commission.

Meanwhile on Twitter, the hashtag #IVoted adds a little tick box icon to your tweet. The box has been ticked instead of marked with an X, but there you go. Democracy fans are also using the hashtag #GE2015 on Twitter and photo-sharing service Instagram.

If you're not sure what all this election business is about, Taiwan's Tomo News sums things up in its signature bonkers animated video style -- look out for Braveheart riding a unicorn up Downing Street and Ed Milliband using Tinder.

Polling stations close at 10pm tonight. You can find your nearest polling station by entering your postcode in the About My Vote website, then clicking the link for your local authority. You don't need to take your polling card and photographic ID is only required for voters in Northern Ireland.

Results of the election will be revealed through the night, with many believing another coalition government is likely.