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Internet and LANs get closer

Internet Runway lets firms quickly link workers to the Net via local area networks.

A new software bundle lets companies quickly link their employees to the Internet using exisiting LAN connections.

Hooking LAN-based PC's to a direct Internet connection typically requires IS managers to load additional communications software along with a unique IP address onto every PC.

Internet Runway, from SphereLink Communications allows multiple users connected to a Novell NetWare LAN to access the Internet via existing servers, requiring only a single server-based IP address and one software file on be loaded on each user's PC.

While other network operating systems, such as Windows NT, are making inroads onto corporate servers, the vast majority of businesses still use NetWare. And most businesses are looking for an easy way to connect their users to the Internet using existing systems and communications.

The company claims the software, priced from $795, is more secure than other access methods, since only one IP address is used. Internet Runway can also cut maintenance and support burdens, since the bulk of software reconfiguration takes place on the network server.