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Interactive Google soccer goalie doodle goes for Olympic gold

Web giant's latest interactive doodle spotlighting London Games events puts the pressure on virtual goalies facing shots on net.

Think you have what it takes to be Hope Solo on the Internet?

No, not on Twitter, telling Brandi Chastain to pipe down but with a virtual soccer goal net behind you and an opposing player in front of you, peppering you with shots.

That is the challenge Google's latest interactive Olympic doodle presents. After sending would-be Web Olympians over the hurdles, to the hoop, and downstream in a kayak, the Web giant's test for today is serving as goalkeeper.

Soccer -- or football as most of the world's population calls it -- is the world's most popular sport, so it makes sense that Google would embrace it during its daily promotion of Olympic events during the 2012 London Games.

Like a real goalie, this keyboard counterpart has to judge/guess which direction the kicker is going to direct his shot. Internet coach/puppetmasters use the left and right cursor keys to move their goalkeeper from side to side and the space bar to direct him toward a leaping block.

Like the other interactive doodles, after the goalie finishes trying to repel the assault on their goal, scores can be shared on Google+. A magnifying glass link on the doodle will also net scores, schedules, and history of the sport.

It might also get you a gold medal around your neck -- like Solo -- but try to avoid the Twitter trouble if you can. If not, just win to prove your chops.