Intel Warns That Price Hikes Are Coming This Year

The tech company plans to increase prices on microprocessors, peripheral chips and other products found in Dell, Lenovo and HP computers, according to Nikkei Asia.

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Nina Raemont
Intel Gaudi2 AI processor

The Gaudi2 AI processor from Intel's Habana Labs division.


The cost of Intel's Wi-Fi chips is going up this year. The semiconductor company will raise prices on its microprocessors and peripheral chip products later this year, Nikkei Asia reported on Thursday.

Intel's processors are found in Dell, Lenovo, HP and other computers, meaning those devices will become more expensive to produce.

Due to the rising costs for production and materials caused by inflation, Intel will raise prices on its central processing units for computers and servers. Other flagship products, like chips for Wi-Fi and other connectivity tech will also see a price hike. The company has started informing customers of these changes, Intel spokesperson William Moss said in a statement emailed to CNET.

The percentage increase will likely vary depending on the chip in question, but products could see single-digit or double-digit increases, Nikkei Asia reported. 

The news comes amid surging inflation across the country and worries about a possible recession. Inflation broke a US record with a 9.1% increase in consumer prices in June.