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Instagram's new Boomerang app lets you create GIF-like looping videos on Android, iOS

A new app from Instagram uses your photos to automatically create 1-second videos that can be played forward or backward.


Instagram on Thursday introduced a new app for Android and iOS devices called Boomerang. The app lets you create short videos that loop back and forth. It's similar to a GIF or even Apple's Live Photos on the iPhone 6S , although it doesn't capture audio.

How does it do this? A single press on the capture button takes a burst of 10 photos that are automatically stitched together in a 1-second video.

You can then play the video back normally or in reverse. Boomerangs can be shot in either landscape or portrait mode, and can be shared to Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

The Boomerang app is available now in the Google Play store and Apple's App Store.