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Instagram to get political with D.C. liaison

Facebook is hiring a political outreach manager to spread the gospel of Instagram on Capitol Hill.

Facebook wants more politicians to embrace Instagram like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
Screenshot by Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Politicians likely fall at the bottom of your list of must-follow personalities on Instagram, which perhaps explains why the Facebook-owned app for sharing photos and videos is looking to hire someone to assist these public figures with image-crafting techniques.

The social network is hiring a "Political Outreach Manager" specifically to teach Washington D.C. officials about the ins and outs of Instagram, according to a job listing on Facebook's careers site spotted by AdAge. Apparently, the White House's Instagram account isn't inspiration enough to spread the Instagram gospel without some additional hand-holding from the company.

"Facebook and Instagram are seeking an experienced leader to manage and execute relationships with governments, politicians and political influencers on how to best use Instagram," the job description reads.

The new hire, who will be based in D.C., will be tasked with developing Instagram training programs for governments and politicians, as well as reporting back on metrics and related business trends.

The position speaks to Facebook's desire to make Instagram relevant to current affairs. Politicians may not be the sexiest group of people to follow, particularly in photographic form, but they are part of an important news cycle that Instagram can't miss out on should the app wish to rival Twitter as a source for breaking news.