Instagram takes on TikTok with song lyrics. Here's how to sing along

Karaoke has never been easier, and you can customize how lyrics look.

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Instagram  is taking on the wildly popular TikTok app by adding lyrics to Instagram Stories. The ability to sing along with lyrics comes to the music tab in your app. Instagram posted a new story with Billie Eilish singing her hit, My Strange Addiction, to show off what the lyrics function will look like.

Instagram's move shows that Facebook , its owner, is determined to reach out to younger audiences in a way that the Facebook app hasn't. TikTok, a platform where people can upload homemade music videos of lip-syncing and dance-offs, has become the newest way that young influencers can attract fame and fortune. Instagram originally built its audience with still imagery -- music is a way to branch out.

Instagram Stories' lyrics feature has already rolled out to apps. Here's how to use it.


Sing along to your favorite songs with the new Instagram lyrics feature.

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Add lyrics to your Insta story

1. Open your Instagram app.

2. Select the camera icon on the top left corner of your screen.

3. On the bottom menu, scroll over to Music.

4. Choose a song to display on your Insta story.

5. Drag the music bar to the part of the song you want to play.

6. Tap the music icon.

7. Tap the stickers icon.

8. Select the Music sticker and pick a song again.

9. You can customize the way the lyrics show up by tapping the icons above the music bar.

10. Send to your friends or publish to your story.

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