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Instagram rolling out ads to US users next week

Starting from next week, Instagram users in the US will see ads placed in their stream. Here is what they will look like.

Instagram will start rolling out ads in the United States as early as next week. The Facebook-owned service has provided users with a preview of what these ads will look like when they pop up in streams.

A preview of Instagram's new ad format. (Credit: Instagram)

Announced on the Instagram blog, the ads will be clearly marked as "Sponsored" posts. Initial advertisers include brands such as Adidas, Ben & Jerry's, Burberry, General Electric, Lexus, Levi's, Macy's, Michael Kors, PayPal and Starwood.

"We want ads to be creative and engaging," said the blog post, "so we're starting with just a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community. If you see an ad that doesn't interest you, you can tap the '...' below it to hide it and provide feedback about what you didn't like. This will help us show you more interesting ads in the future."

Ads will be targeted at users based on information obtained from both Instagram and Facebook, says the About Ads page on Instagram's site.

At the end of 2012, Instagram found itself in hot water following a change to its Terms of Service (ToS) that said a user's images could be licensed for ads. Instagram quickly backflipped and reverted its ToS in response to the backlash.

The sample ad, pictured above, will start to appear in feeds for US users over the next week. Facebook has confirmed to CNET Australia that advertising will appear for US users only for the time being, as per the blog post, and there is no information on when ads will appear for Australian users yet.