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Instagram adds groups and accounts to comment-blocking tools

This much-needed feature is accompanied by a few other changes intended to create a kinder, gentler Instagram.


Instagram now lets you whitelist groups of commenters on your posts to filter out the trolls -- a much more efficient system for some people than the current blocking capabilities. 

In a blog post Tuesday, the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing site delivered this flip-side to the push it began a year ago with blocking controls such as automatic filtering, blocking individual commenters and completely turning off comments on posts. 

It lets you choose who can comment similarly to how Facebook defines who can see your posts. While it would be great if you could define specific groups beyond those, or base the group chosen selectively for given hashtags (or some other content-based system), this is a great start.

And while the livestreaming of self-harm is more of a problem for Facebook, Instagram has put in place tools where distressed viewers can anonymously report it. That will pop up a crisis-intervention message in front of the streamer without stopping the video.




Finally, if you're feeling really sentimental, slap a "kindness-themed heart-shaped" sticker on it.