Instagram may offer School Stories to create safe space for kids

The code suggests they'll be moderated to stop bullying.

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Instagram could be working on a School Stories feature.

James Martin/CNET

Instagram is reportedly prototyping School Stories that only allow a particular school's students to partake.

The code for these Stories, which was discovered by security researcher Jane Manchun Wong and previously reported by TechCrunch, suggests that it'll be closely moderated to avoid bullying and inappropriate behavior.

"School stories are manually reviewed to make sure the community is safe," it notes.

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The Story would be restricted to students in a particular "community," so no outsiders would be able to see or contribute.

Over the summer, Instagram tested out a feature that grouped students by college community, much like the groups of parent company Facebook. Those students could then direct message or watch a fellow student's public Story directly from the community lists.

Instagram declined to comment on the School Stories code.

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