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Instagram Looks to Make Regaining Your Hacked Account Easier

The social media site sets up a new hub meant to help users with hacked or disabled accounts, forgotten passwords, and other issues.

Instagram app logo on a phone screen
Instagram has had a problem with account access.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Instagram launched a new hub Thursday to help users who've been hacked or are otherwise experiencing access issues with their accounts. 

The new page, instagram.com/hacked, is meant to help users resolve a host of account access issues, including regaining access to a disabled account, dealing with forgotten passwords, and handling two-factor authentication. The social media giant is also rolling out a new feature that it was testing earlier this year: Two of your Instagram friends will now be able to verify your identity so you can get back into your account if it's disabled.

Instagram also announced that it's developing more ways to prevent accounts from getting hacked or disabled in the first place, including removing accounts that its automated systems find to be malicious and sending warnings if an account that the platform suspects may be impersonating someone requests to follow you.