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Instagram makes photos and videos pop in iOS 7 makeover

The Facebook-owned application opts for a clutter-free look with larger pictures and videos.


Instagram updated its iPhone application Wednesday to match the colorful pop of Apple's newest mobile operating system.

The iOS 7-optimized version of the media-sharing application won't startle people with radical changes, though users should notice larger and more vivid photos and videos, which have not only been expanded to the edges of the screen but also boosted in resolution.

The Facebook-owned application, which touts more than 150 million active users across all platforms, also swapped square profile pictures for circular ones on the iPhone to fit in with the new Apple OS. Overall, the tweaked app sports the flatter, iOS 7-themed motif found in other updated applications, including the new Facebook for iPhone app released last Wednesday.

"With the introduction of iOS 7 and its emphasis on clarity, we were excited to rebuild the look and feel of Instagram in a way that would bring these principles together and let the moments this community captures and shares shine," Instagram said in a blog post on the new app.

Some of the more noticeable design changes are visible as you navigate through the explore, news, and profile tabs. Photos, for instance, appear larger in all grid views thanks to the new streamlined, clutter-free look.


"We led our redesign with a focus on clarity to keep the feel of Instagram clean, simple, and grounded in the photos and videos you discover and share," the Facebook-owned company said.

Arriving a week after the release of iOS 7, Instagram for iOS version 4.2 is in the process of rolling out to users now.