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Instagram now lets you save drafts before posting

Instagram rolls out a new feature that lets users save their drafts before posting, so you can come back to that selfie that just wasn't up to par.

If you've ever thought that Instagram was too instant and wanted time to ponder before you post, you may be in luck.

Instagram just rolled out a new feature to all of its users that allows people to save a draft of the post they are working on. This lets people come back to a picture they were going to post, instead of forcing them to post right away or start over from scratch. Instagram is used by professional photographers, brands, celebrities and amateurs alike, so by introducing this feature, it gives users more time to work on posts that could be part of a larger curated portfolio.

Instagram was testing this feature as early as July, but did not unveil it officially until this week.

To save a draft, start working on your post by uploading a picture and adding effects, filters, a location, or a caption. Next, go back to the filtering and editing screen and tap the arrow in the top left corner. This will prompt a message at the bottom for you to hit "Save Draft."

Note that drafts will not save unless you already started working on them by adding effects, filters, locations or captions. Drafts appear at the bottom of the screen when you tap the camera icon, then open "Library."

Now you can start working on your #tbt post days ahead of time.