Instagram Head Adam Mosseri Moving to London

The temporary relocation will allow Mosseri to oversee Instagram's global team from the UK.

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Katie Collins
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London will be Instagram's new de facto home base.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is set to move to London later this year as part of his ongoing fight to keep the social network thriving in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The move is partly due to Mosseri's personal desire to relocate to the British capital, the Financial Times first reported.

With the move, which will be not be permanent, Mosseri will also oversee the Instagram team from parent company Meta's new Kings Cross headquarters. The UK is already home to a number of Instagram teams, and the company could be looking to take advantage of the city's cheaper cost of labor compared with Silicon Valley, following its first-ever drop in revenue.

"Given the global nature of his role, Adam will be temporarily based out of London later this year," said a spokesperson for Meta. "London is already Meta's largest engineering hub outside of the US, with over 4,000 employees across our offices, including a dedicated Instagram product team with people focused on building long term solutions for creators."

The company is struggling to define its strategy amid competition from rival app TikTok. Last week Mosseri put out a video defending changes to the app, which included a greater focus on video content and testing a full-screen home feed, only to his reverse his decision to keep the changes days later. Instagram is working to shore up its stable of high-profile influencers, but the changes received backlash from two of the app's top 10 most-followed users, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Mosseri has worked for Meta since 2008, and became head of Instagram in 2018 following the departure of the app's co-founders from the company. In December 2021 he testified before Congress about safety, after pausing the development of Instagram Kids earlier in the year.