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Instagram brings sound and data usage controls to video

Both the Android and iOS apps get an update that allows for more controls within the social network's video feature. Android also catches up with iOS and gets photo straightening.


Without a lot of fanfare, Instagram updated both its Android and iOS apps on Thursday. The updates bring new video features to both apps and add photo straightening to the Android app -- something the iOS app had for months.

On Google Play and in Apple's App Store, Instagram only says the latest version offers "performance updates and other improvements." But, on Twitter the photo-sharing app gave a few more details.

Besides getting photo straightening, the Android app also has been updated with "new sound and data usage controls for Instagram videos." The same goes for the iOS app. Instagram is clearly looking to refine how users can record and edit videos; the new update has to do with how the sound controls impact playback.

"For users who currently have auto-play enabled, sound will be defaulted to 'respect mute switch,'" an Instagram spokesperson told CNET. "And for users who currently have auto-play disabled, sound will be defaulted to 'off.' All users who have sound defaulted to 'off' will see an option on every video in feed to toggle sound on."

As far as the data usage, the Instagram spokesperson said that "we've added an option that allows data-conscious users to more easily control how videos on Instagram use data. In the settings menu there's a new option that allows users to only preload videos when they're on a Wi-Fi network."

Instagram announced last week that it will soon be inserting photo and video ads into the stream for its US members, which could cause a commotion among people who don't want to see brands intermixed with their puppy, baby, and selfie photos. But, with Facebook as its parent company, the photo-sharing app most likely needs to chip in on the revenue front.

(Via The Next Web)

Updated October 11 at 10:55 a.m. PT with comment from Instagram spokesperson.

Updated October 14 at 10:15 a.m. PT to clarify that the new sounds controls impact playback not recording.