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Instagram adds pizzazz to Lux on iPhone

The Facebook-owned app has given people the power to play with image contrast and tones.

instagram lux slider
Slide left or right to adjust image contrast and tones. Screenshot/Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Avid Instagram users know that Lux works like magic -- except when it doesn't.

The Facebook-owned photo and video app is hoping to solve for those overly oversaturated scenarios with an iOS-only revamp to its auto-enhance feature, known as "Lux," that gives people the power to adjust the auto-effects to their liking.

The adjustable version of Lux, denoted by the brightness icon in the app, was delivered Monday in an update to the iOS app.

The change amounts to a slider that people can use to strengthen or soften their shots. Though a minor improvement, the new Lux should come in handy for people who want to fine-tune the contrast in their pics with as little work as possible.

When reached for comment, an Instagram spokesperson said that the company had nothing to share about whether the new-and-improved Lux would make its way to the Android application.

The consumer-focused update comes after last week's news that Instagram, which now has 150 million monthly active users, is starting to getting pretty darn serious about turning its fun photo app into a real business. The service signed its first advertising agency deal with Omnicom, meaning the top-tier firm has committed to reportedly spending as much as $100 million on creative assistance and in-app spots for its clients over a one-year period.