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Inside CNET Labs 36: The Bromance

Episode 36 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Are Dong and Eric man enough? Not likely. Dreamworks Pictures

After months of speculation, we finally admit it. For some time now Dong and I been involved in a Bromance. There, I said it. Cat's outta the bag! Judge not, lest ye be judged people. That's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. We apologize to our family and friends for keeping it secret for so long.

Anyway, this Ep. isn't all that long, but it seems we covered a lot. From rude foreigners to Onlive, to Apple (ugh, yes again). BTW, I think Dong secretly loves Apple. He's like that little boy in school who professes to hate a girl in his class, but only does so to distract you from the fact that he really loooooooooooves her. It's cute. Also, I think at one point we both come down with a slight case of turrets syndorme.

We also talk about a very serious issue that came up last week involving Canadians. We've made a few jokes at their expense and we both think it's time we stopped being so disrespectful. Score one more for the P.C. watchdogs out there.

Last, but not least we introduce a new segment, created, written, produced, key gripped, and directly by Dong. He calls it "Help Nerds Find Love" or something uninspired like that. I think the premise is to get Dong as many dates as possible or to provide psychiatric help to girls he does date, I'm not sure. I wasn't really paying attention, so you'll have to listen to find out.

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