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Inside CNET Labs 32: And then he left. That's it.

Wonder Woman was AWESOME!!

I guess I'll have to take Dong here to teach him what a punchline is.

Don't panic! The title is actually in reference to Dong's idea of what a punch line for a joke should be. Yeah, Dong attempts to tell an elaborate joke that, honestly, falls flat; however, this does not mean the joke wasn't hilarious. Oxymoron? Only someone who has not heard the episode would think that. So start listening!

At some point during this episode, I actually get Dong to talk about comics and comic book movies, without him turning into an ignorant, negative Nancy. Speaking of comics, I'm writing this having just seen the "Wonder Woman" animated movie. Wow. Blown away by that! Check that out if you get a chance. Much better than "Hulk vs. Thor." I only mention that movie because I got in "Wonder Woman" what I wanted from "Hulk vs. Thor". Just a completely epic battle. OK, way off track I know, but man that movie kicked arse!

Back to the podcast. Something something Marvell wall computer..."Action Comics No. 1"auction...Bob Loblaw...Damn. OK faded off again. What else was there? Oh, right. We've altered our contests, so give a listen to find out the details to that stuff. Who knows, you may even be inspired to enter this time.

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