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Inside CNET Labs 30: Does Samantha Mumba speak 'Ebonish'?

Episode 30 of the Inside CNET Labs podcast.

Ireland's most famous black woman. As far as I know.

I guess 30 is a milestone huh? I mean in these times it's not saying that much when every Johnny Lunchpail and Sally Housecoat and their brother seems to have a podcast, but hey. Dong and I can now say we finally hit 30 and not be referring to our respective ages.

In this week's show, the Dongster (hey, he asked me to call him that) gets on his very worn soapbox a begins to insult my fellow Americans. He thinks we're all combative and warlike. To which I respond "Screw you pal! Say that again and I'll kick you in the face!" Guy really doesn't know what he's talking about. I should go kick his ass right now!

Well maybe not. I still need him for the show. I mean, how else would we get stories like the one where he tells about how much his doctor is in love with him and how weird things got during his last prostate exam. Things just got real.

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